Tim Broadwell of Woodstock, GA

~~This is about who Tim Broadwell really is, a liar and douchebag of the highest caliber.~

~~I also have reason to believe Tim Broadwell is an NPD Narcissist which is just about as evil as you can get.~~

Tim Broadwell

 Tim Broadwell from Georgia is into scaring old women I guess. This is a message Tim Broadwell sent to my

mother to frighten / intimidate her. She was 68 years old at the time.

                                                                                                      Tim Broadwell


                     This is a quaint little tweet from his son, Tim Broadwell Jr.                                                            

Tim Broadwell


         This is how it works... these old fat ugly white men (like Tim Broadwell Sr.), divorce the mother of their children because 60 year old tits or even 50 doesn’t look anything like 35 your old ones http://real-shirleyannpetion-de-guate.com/. They go on websites like latinamericacupid.com and look for young pretty women that are uneducated with financial constraints and they exploit this unfortunate fact. How Tim Broadwell with 3 daughters can participate in activities like this, I have now idea and I am a sociopath and it still makes stomach churn. Tim Broadwell, for example lives in Georgia, very quick flight down to Central America, few hours in a plane, no jet-leg. He has these young beautiful women meet him at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Guatemala City or somewhere else and they have sex with him and he gives them money. Now, prostitution is not illegal as it stands in Guatemala, only "procuring" or the colloquially, more well known term “pimping” is. This is all totally legal in Guatemala, it is just very trashy and very low brow and many see as sex trafficking. You see, now Tim Broadwell is going to call his lawyers and ask them what he can about this website. His problem is this is all true and we have the evidence to prove it in a civil court of law of the United States of America, which has a second to none legal system by the way. It knows fairness despite what many people say. Anyway, Tim Broadwell from Georgia has no civil case here. He knows it. I know it. The problem with the truth is it is an absolute defense against defamation in the USA. And his second problem is he has to serve me, (whoever I am ;) papers on US soil. He can’t do anything about this. He is what we in the business call "pwned"...

Tim Broadwell Tim Broadwell Tim Broadwell Tim Broadwell Tim Broadwell Tim Broadwell
tim broadwell Tim Broadwell tim broadwell Tim Broadwell tim broadwell tim broadwell
tim broadwell tim broadwell tim broadwell tim broadwell tim broadwell tim broadwell

       I work in the currency of information, that is where my power is derived from, Tim Broadwell uses his dead father's money to assert his power over young women with financial difficulties in foreign countries to have sex with them at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Guatemala City a couple times a month. He is a piece of shit. The lowest of the lowlifes of this world. I will be posting pictures and evidence soon. All the photos are protected under the “ Fair Use” doctrine of US copyright law. This is informational and newsworthy. Douchebags should be exposed. And I will keep exposing them on the internet when I find them. So you if are a fat, ugly, smelly, sweaty, dirty old white man  you should stay home. To rest of you old dirty douchebag fucks, stay the fuck home or you are going on the fucking internet too, permanently. Ill leave anyone reading this with a piece of advice, if you come for me... come hard and come fast because I fight back and I know how to win. Good luck you, you are fucking with a sociopath. Oh yeah and to the F.B.I., local or state police..., and lawyers for this douchebag... This is a message for you... suck a dick.


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